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Magnetic Drive Pumps
CP magnetic drive pumps are designed with no continuous shaft from the motor to the impeller. The drive torque is transmitted by a synchronous magnetic coupling, eliminating all problems associated with shaft seals and ensuring zero leakage. Our flagship pump model—the MKP—offers many benefits to the chemical industry, including:
  • Compact design, easy and efficient heating capability
  • Modular system consisting of few components
  • Hydraulically balanced impeller to minimize bearing loads
  • Internal and external lubrication and flush options
  • Available in various grades of stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, and titanium
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Dyna-Mag, Inc. is a US-based engineering company specializing in cost-effective and environmentally friendly technologies. We have a strong commitment to providing timely, responsive, and safe products and services. To the environment, we are committed to the contribution of cleanliness and preservation.

We are the sole United States distributor for CP Pump Systems, a Swiss manufacturer of chemical process pumps. CP's innovation includes the development of sealless magnetic drive and double mechanical seal pumps. CP pumps are highly regarded in chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage, and paper industries. CP is committed to energy efficiency, safety, and sustainable production.

Dyna-Mag is also a distributor for BIAR Sampling Systems, another Swiss firm which produces sampling systems for liquid and gas. BIAR valves are designed to avoid dead space, improve cleanliness, and avoid contamination. BIAR offers many accessories and options, allowing quick connections and accessory interchangeability. Dyna-Mag can assist with finding the appropriate BIAR solutions as well as any necessary customizations.

Dyna-Mag's other products include aluminum walkway systems and aluminum pallets. We are constantly searching for and developing partnerships with companies who manufacture quality products and meet our requirements of cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, safety, and environmental friendliness.