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We provide you with CAD drawings according to OSHA standards with structural calculations, together with detail erection drawings and parts list with shipment.

You provide us with fix point, elevation, and access requirements together with the load information and we work out a quote with delivery schedule for approval, certified drawings, and fabrication.

  • Walkways, crosswalks, ladders, handrails and support for industrial and civil use.

  • Gangways and catwalks for conduction and maintenance of:
    - Paper Machines and Paper Mills;
    - Plastic Film Machines;
    - Chemical Plants;
    - Petrolchemical Plants;
    - Secondary Working Paper Machines;
    - Water Treatment Plants;

  • Safety protection on operating machines

  • Helicopter landing platforms

  • Civil coverings

  • Carpentry and frames

  • Prototypes



Acid resistance

By nature, the material is practically unaffected by acids, solvents or other chemical which combine with metal giving rise to oxides.
A precise choice of anticorrosive alloys may be made in order to overcome particular difficult conditions.
This provides an ideal feature for use in acid or corrosive atmosphere such as, for example, in paint manufacture, the preparation of textile printing pastes, colour mixing or manufacturing processes in general: a typical example being that of paper making.

Resistance to corrosion

The chemical characteristics of the material provide great stability and render it repellent to corrosion.
Our products are normally anodized this providing a safe protection against corrosion phenomena.
It may therefore be said that in effect the material becomes artificial aged; in short, oxidized then stabilized.
To be precise, the molecules of the alloy are converted into an oxide of an established depth and after fixing from a resistant protective film.
Additionally, besides resolving the problem of corrosion it provides a means of establighing the resistance there of according to the different categories, perfect cleanliness of the parts, homogeneity of colour and a surface hardness which increases the resistance with useage.
TecnoDesign can currently extend a guarantee against corrosion even for marine application where the effect of defferent salts, etc. costitutes one of the most exacting fields of application.

Absence of maintenance

An undeniable advantage is that provided by the complete absence of maintenance.
When considering extremely corrosive atmospheres in industry, such as the chemical industry, papermaking, effluent treatment works, etc. where the paintwork, even if epoxide, or zinc plated have a limited life, the importance of aluminium alloy becomes evident, because it dispenses with any form of maintenance.

costruzioni in lega di alluminio


costruzioni in lega di alluminio

Unalterable with time

Another interesting aspect of solution we propose is its functional durability.
By reason of its resistance to corrosion, the anodizing treatment, and the complete freedom from maintenance, the product maintains a constant quality, appearance and functional characteristics.
In certain cases self-tempering alloys are used. These recuperate, in large measure, the mechanical characteristics lost as a result of the thermal change caused by welding, and after a short period the product even improves as regards its mechanical properties.

Light and strong

In our opinion, an important feature is that of lightness.
It therefore follows immediately that the lightness of alluminium is the answer to many problems.
As its specific weight is about one third of that of steel, this is one of the principle reasons for using alluminium alloys, almost exclusively.
It is sufficient just to consider its mechanical characteristics, comparable, without doubt, to any of the more traditional steels used for metal structures.

Ease of assembly

When calculating costs, assembly and putting into use have a considerable influence.
It stands to reason that when dealing with a light alloy,there is a movement of items weighing three times less than when dealing with steel.
All this provides for an advantage in manoeuvre; furthermore, Tecno Design provide anchorages aimed at eliminating service visits and adjustsments.  

Great manoeuvrability

Evolution and industrial development have, by now, intoduced the use of high tecnology.
Plant and equipment have become more and more rational, competitive and versatile so as to face up to market requirements.
Because of the method of construction a series of maintenance and adaptation operations, even at short intervals, are required, and these increase costs.
It follows that the manoeuvrability of moveable parts, thanks to their lightness, is most important.
Structures or transferrrable equipments, manoeuvrable even manually, reduce operating costs to the consequent advantage of competition.

High quality finish

As already explained, each single item of our products is subjected to treatment by anodizing.
In addition to the protection against corrosion, this enhances the surface finish.
The fact is that with there being no surface deposits, such as paint or zinc, on the material, all construction details is visible to the eye.
Tecno Design have studied that most appropriate method of construction so as to provide a high grade finish and an excellent appearance, as well as to render the product functional. 


Althought the use of light alloys in the industrial field is relatively recent, is has proved to be economically advantageous.
When comparing an item made of steel with that made of alloy, the effective cost difference is not be ignored.
Whwn determining real costs it should be noted that our product does not foresse any maintenance requirements and remains functional with a constant physical appearance with the passage of time.
Economy in transport and assembly should also not be overlooked.
Considering the variety of applications one can observe the efficacy and even more the durability, coupled with the advantages already decribed. In real terms, therefore, use of this material proves economic.