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Dynamag is a US distributor for BIAR Sampling Systems of Switzerland. BIAR specializes in designing and manufacturing liquid and gas sampling systems for pipeline or reactor. The quality, durability, and precision of BIAR sampling valves makes them a quality fit next to other Dyna-Mag engineering technology.

BIAR emphasizes a no-dead-space design, improving cleanliness and avoiding contamination. The sampling valves are designed to be simple and efficient so as to not interrupt normal processing.

Key benefits of BIAR sampling valves include:
  • Directly representative samples
  • No process interruption
  • High toxicity sampling
  • High temperature sampling
  • High pressure sampling
  • Vacuum sampling
  • Transport solution
BIAR sampling valves are suitable for all liquid/gas sampling requirements, from polluted water to hazardous gases. Many valve types and custom accessories are available to meet specific needs around sampling material, valve position, toxicity, and sampling conditions.

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