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The MKP-Bio pump model is designed for sterile applications in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and food industries. Its benefits include:
  • Wetted components with surface quality Ra 0.8 max, inner edge R3, surface slope > 3°
  • Designed according to the EHEDG recommendations
  • Sterile, no dead space, CIP- and SIP-capable
  • Totally self draining through the suction connection (no additional flush drain and vent connections)
  • Simple removal of the impeller without tools
  • Available in various grades of stainless steel and nickel-based alloys
Sealless Magnetic Drive
The MKP-Bio utilizes a synchronous magnetic coupling to transmit drive torque. The sealless design eliminates leakage problems typically associated with shaft seals. The fluid inside the pump is hermetically sealed off by a containment shell made of metal.

Bearing Assembly
With its compact design, the impeller of the MKP-Bio model creates a gyroscopic effect, ensuring stable rotation about its principal axis of inertia. The pump interior consists of a small number of components, with a single radial bearing providing support and absorbing hydraulic forces. A choice of different bearing materials is available to suit the application.
Technical Information
Technical Specifications
- Capacity Q up to 264 GPM (60 m3/h)
- Head TDH up to 260 ft. (80 m)
- Nominal pressure PN 230 PSI (16 bar)
- Temperature Range: -4°F to 300°F

Range Curves
60 Hz Range Curve

Section Drawings
Ball Bearings
Plain Bearings

Dimension Drawings
Angle Stand
Tripod Stand Without Stool